We fell in love through imagery and art.

We met at a film festival over spring break in 2016, followed each other on Instagram, and fell in love with each other’s stories.

We have a love for aesthetic, excellence, hospitality, and entrepreneurship. 

Wedding storytelling is the culmination of those passions.

We love good food around a table with friends new and old, and creating space for conversations about anything. We love designing beautiful spaces in our home, and get so much joy from intentionality in art. 

Our Why

Working together and staying home with our kids was something we had many conversations about early on.

Serving couples and encouraging marriages while cultivating a life at home with our children is that dream come true.

Our desire is that everything about the way we live and walk out this role as storytellers will be a light and encouragement not just to our couples, but your family and friends and anyone we get to serve on your wedding day.

our babies are our why

They are what lead us to take the leap into weddings wholeheartedly, and continues to drive the way that we pursue creativity and excellence in all that we do.

We love working together.

Nathan is the compass of our life, our family and our business ventures.

He keeps our feet on the ground while still staying open to new and exciting ideas at the same time.

He loves hospitality and service, making others feel seen in any way he can. His favorite place is home and his favorite art would be anything that captures a feeling.

He loves reading, mostly thought provoking nonfiction. He brings so much strength and longevity to what we do by keeping us organized and focused on the big picture.

His best day would be a day spent with friends new and old, enjoying life and encouraging one another. 

Patience has always been a poet and a storyteller.

 She sees life in a way most people don’t— the meaning, the metaphor, and the deeper story in every moment.

She is a free spirit and her favorite place is anywhere new. She finds joy in small design details, affirming words, theology, philosophy and poetry. She loves light and shadow, and using it to carve emotional imagery. Her favorite art is anything that tells a story. 

She brings artistry, empathy and spontaneity to what we do by keeping us dreaming and looking at things from fresh perspectives. 

Her dream day would be a day trip to somewhere she has never been, good food, great coffee and time spent alone or with just her family.

Want to see and explore the magic?

We do more than document what your day looks like. We want to tell the story of how it feels — to promise forever to your best friend, to have your favorite people supporting you, and all the little and big things that make your day worth remembering.

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