Personalized Mentoring

what we cover together



Let’s dig into your filmmaking process, and how you can level up your videography. skills. Some topics. I love to cover are camera gear, editing, planning a shoot, shooting, storytelling, and. building a brand.



Whether you want to talk about the basics of using your new DSLR, or take a deep dive into portraiture, I’d love to walk alongside you and teach what I’ve learned over 10+ years of trial and error. Favorite topics to cover are lighting, storytelling, posing, building a brand, editing, and workflows.


Husband & Wife Teams

A couple to couple mentorship with both Patience and Nathan. We’ll sit down with you together and talk through the ups and downs of working in business together as a team. We can discuss budgeting, boundaries, parenting, scheduling, balance, or a little of everything! We’re an open book and would love to be a resource for you.

Mentorship Pricing

1:1 or 2:2 mentorships via video chat, coffee, or a bowl of queso are customized for what it is that your want to tackle in your business.

Our mentorships are designed to be efficient, affordable, and powerful.

I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire form to get to know your goals, spend time planning for our call, and then I’ll spend an hour or two with you, packing as much powerful information as we can, and follow up via email twice afterward to make sure we’re able to answer any follow up questions.

1:1 or 2:2 mentorships

In person or online




2 HourS: $350

4 HourS: $500

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